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Green Cath urine catheter with hydrophilic coating Print

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  • Green Cath urine catheter with hydrophilic coating is suitable for short term intermitent catheterization or for therapeutic purposes
Specifications of Green Cath catheter:
  • Hydrophilic coating (with special technology of coating) significantly reduces friction of the catheter in the bladder
  • Atraumatic polished lateral drainage holes
  • Catheter is made from DEHP free medical grade which does not contain phthalates

Advantages of Green Cath urine catheter with hydrophilic coating:

  • Lateral drainage eyes are shaped with special technology process
  • Lateral drainage eyes are in the same level as tube of the catheter and are not bulged out
  • Due to hydrophilic coating and atraumatic drainage eyes, there is significant reduction of bladder infections
  • User can self determine the frequency of emptying the bladder
  • User autonomy becomes unlimited
  • Easy use (Can be used from 5 years of age forward)
  • Drinking water is used for activation of hydrophilic coating


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